Banana Bread

Christmas stollen was yesterday, ever tried a delicious BE CLIMATE banana bread? No? Then it's time, here you will find the recipe.

* Calculated with KlimaTeller. These are approximate values, which may vary. The values refer only to the ingredients, not to the method of preparation.
** Because we offset the CO2 emissions of our BE CLIMATE products, your consumption does not add to your personal carbon footprint.

4 servings

1) Mash the ripe BE CLIMATE bananas with a fork in a bowl.

2) Chop the walnuts and chocolate into small pieces.

3) Add all ingredients to the bowl and mix it together.

4) Pour the finished dough into a suitable baking dish and decorate it with a cut BE CLIMATE banana.

5) Bake the banana bread at 160 degrees convection for about 50 minutes.

Enjoy your vegan BE CLIMATE banana bread.