Start Your Year Right: Try Vegan! #veganuary

Why do people say that vegan is so healthy? And did you know that your individual footprint depends in great measure on what you eat? As climate protection and especially the reduction of greenhouse gases are a major goal of our brand BE CLIMATE, we decided to take part in Veganuary in January of 2021.

Veganuary was founded as a non-profit organization in the UK in January 2014 and has ever since inspired people all around the globe to try a purely plant-based diet for a month. Join in, too, and find out about the benefits of a plant-based nutrition:

This month’s menu features fruits and vegetables

It is not our objective to convert you all to veganism. We’d rather have you become more aware of what you consume during Veganuary and shine some light onto the vegan world, which has many positive effects not only on human beings, but on the planet as well.

Fruits and vegetables are a major part of vegan nutrition. In addition to offering diversity, colours and taste, it also supplies a large number of nutrients for the human body. It gets even better: with our climate-neutral fruits and vegetables you take care of the environment, too. How? We calculate the complete CO2 emissions caused by our products between the origin and the point of sale (including cultivation, packaging, and logistics), and afterwards we reduce carbon emissions wherever possible and compensate the unavoidable emissions with the help of certified climate protection projects.

Your choice can make a difference

When you buy BE CLIMATE products, you actively support climate protection, and the carbon emissions related to your fruit and vegetable consumption will add zero to your personal carbon footprint.

Just come and try. You can find tasty recipes on the Veganuary website and in our blog under the category “Recipes”. We have calculated the CO2 output for each of them in order to give you a feeling for how much certain products can influence our individual carbon footprint.