All Together Towards One Common Goal

At the beginning of the 1990es, José Antonio Martín made his dream come true and founded his own agricultural business: Agro Martín. Over the years and thanks to the hard work of José and his employees, the company became one of the most distinguished producers of strawberries and stone fruits in the province of Huelva. Together, we have been trading strawberries, nectarines, apricots, and peaches in the European market for more than twenty years now.

This long-standing business cooperation was an excellent platform for making another dream come true: the implementation of the innovative idea of introducing climate neutral strawberries to the market in 2017. Today, these strawberries can be found in European supermarkets under the brand name BE CLIMATE, and the sales of carbon neutral products is increasing continuously.

How does Agro Martín reduce their carbon footprint?

Agro Martín is very involved in various social as well as ecological projects. These include the switch from mopeds with a combustion engine to electric mopeds and a water treatment facility, to name just a few. In addition, the company started a shuttle service for their employees with the objective of avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions, according to the motto: “All together towards one common goal”.

During the high season, Agro Martín has a staff of up to 1,800 employees. 500 of them live in the companies own facilities. Since September 2018, Agro Martín has been offering a cost-free shuttle service twice a day between the company’s head office and the fincas. Furthermore, the company bus with 55 seats is used for joint shopping trips into town. The calculation is simple: Each employee who drives to work causes a lot of CO2. The shuttle service, in comparison, pools the large number of individual car rides and by doing so, saves CO2 and reduces the carbon footprint – an added value for employees and nature!

Agro Martín’s efforts support the following SDGs: