SIFAV: An alliance for a sustainable supply chain

In January 2022, we joined SIFAV, IDH´s Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables Alliance. This alliance brings together more than 40 producers, suppliers, traders, and NGOs who form a community and collaborate to achieve a more sustainable supply chain for fruit and vegetables.

In order to reach this goal, the SIFAV initiative, among other things, promotes ecologically responsible farming methods, minimizes negative environmental impacts, improves working conditions in the countries of origin, and creates transparency along the entire value chain. Using key performance indicators, progress of all these targets is measured annually with the aim of significantly reducing impacts by 2025.

The strength of the SIFAV initiative and the resulting advantage for us lies in the close cooperation of all the partners who operate along the entire supply chain. This allows best practices to be shared, common goals to be defined and measures for improvement to be implemented. Through this knowledge exchange and experience, the initiative becomes an important driver for positive change in the fruit and vegetable sector.

In addition, we see our partnership with SIFAV as an opportunity to make our supply chain even more transparent and responsible. We want to ensure that our products are grown, harvested, processed, and transported in compliance with the highest environmental and social standards. Therefore, through a more sustainable supply chain, we do not only promote environmental protection, but also working conditions along the supply chain.

Soon, the first results of all SIFAV partners will be published. We are looking forward to seeing what progress has been made so far.