Karlsson Port as Guest in the Podcast “Geil Montag”

How can we trade fruit and vegetables in a more climate-friendly way? Karlsson Port works as Key Account Manager at Port International, the company that brought us BE CLIMATE, the world's first brand for CO2-neutral fruit and vegetables. Its vision: to change the fruit & vegetable industry for the long term in a sustainable way.

In the German “Geil Montag” podcast, Karlsson talks to host Lasse about getting up early, the pitfalls of the fruit and vegetables trade and the time he spent abroad on a banana plantation in Peru. They talk about fair working conditions and challenges such as the fight against climate change, which is more urgent now than ever. You will get a glimpse behind the scenes and an idea of how we can make the food trade more climate-friendly in the future. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/geilmontag/karlsson-port-be-climate