Berry strong climate protection

Worldwide, over 89 billion plastic bags are used every year, most of them just once. The problem with plastic is that if it is not properly recycled, it degrades very slowly and gradually breaks down into microplastics, or in other words into very small plastic particles. These small particles can then enter the oceans with sewage, rainwater and floods.

There are already up to 18,000 plastic particles floating on every square kilometer of the sea surface where they can survive for up to 450 years.[1] Living creatures often ingest these plastic particles through their food. The consequences are dramatic, including inflammatory reactions, internal injuries and even death.[2] This shows that plastic does not only pollute our environment but also destroys sensitive habitats and poses a deadly threat to various animal species – something that can and should be avoided. Our blueberry producer from Chile, Comercializadora S&A, wholeheartedly agrees with this opinion. They are not only trying to tackle the plastic problem with reduction projects but are also implementing green energy projects.

Reusable cups

Comercializadora S&A employs about 500 people who each use about 4 disposable cups per day. This adds up to a total of 2,000 cups being used and thrown away every single day.

To change that, our blueberry producer replaced these plastic cups at the start of the 2019/20 season with cups made of corn starch, a more environmentally friendly material. This, however, was still too much waste for Comercializadora S&A, which is why they introduced reusable drinking bottles for the 2020/21 season. All employees have their own bottles now and can refill them with drinking water at the 15 refilling stations that have been set up on the farm so far.

Introduction of LED lights

Besides these efforts that benefit the water project, Comercializadora S&A is also making a change in the area of energy. For example, 90 % of the conventional light bulbs have already been replaced by energy-efficient LED lights. This transformation has enabled the company to save around 0.2 kWh per day. This is not only an economic and ecological advantage but also a social one. As the LED lamps produce light according to the actual needs, the light does not flicker and has a positive effect on the well-being of the employees as a result.

Taking responsibility

Comercializadora S&A takes responsibility by setting a good example, avoiding unnecessary waste, promoting more efficient lighting energy and at the same time making all employees aware of a more sustainable behaviour. Everyone can follow this example because for a “berry” healthy future, it is important to take responsibility and become more conscious of the resources around us.

Comercializadora S&A’s efforts support the following SDGs: