Clementines for Better Times

Our long-standing citrus supplier V. Ros is sure of it: A family business must invest in the future of the new generations, and the reduction of CO2 emissions is an important part of that.

As a consequence, this Spanish producer of clementines, tangerines and oranges decided to take concrete measures, among them the gradual switch to LED lighting and the investment in a new, energy-efficient technology for their drying tunnel.

From harvest to packaging

After the harvest and before the start on their journey to the consumer, the citrus fruits are washed to clean off any dust residues. This process helps prevent mould infestation and ultimately food waste.

After the washing, it is necessary to dry the fruits to begin the packing process. Big tunnels dry the wet fruits by creating hot air turbulences. In order to make this drying process as climate-friendly as possible, V. Ros changed the technology of their drying tunnel in 2019.

The new tunnel works at a low drying temperature and is powered by wood pellets instead of diesel. The wood pellets are considered a modern renewable energy source and have an official certification. This ENplus® certification ensures that the entire supply chain from production to delivery is monitored and high fuel quality is guaranteed.

The switch of their technology allows V. Ros to avoid the use of up to 32,000 litres of diesel per year and reduce their carbon footprint correspondingly. So, the optimised drying process of the clementines ushers in better times – for the climate and for future generations.

With this project our partner supports the follwing SDGs: