Being Part of the Change

“Together we can make it happen. We decided to be part of the change.” In keeping with this realisation, our banana supplier Baccota and their producers did a thorough examination of their processes, looking for parameters suitable for adjusting and consequently reducing the emissions generated during the course of banana production.

And they found one: the electrification of water pumps. So, the goal was set to switch the pumps from fossil fuels to electric power in order to save CO2 and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

Electrification of water pumps

Before the bananas start their journey to Europe, they are carefully washed in their country of origin in order to remove residues of the cultivation process such as dust and latex, the latter of which occurs when the bananas are cut from the plant. After that, the used process water is recycled and then returned to the washbasins by means of water pumps.

The switch from diesel to electric pumps makes this process much more climate-friendly because fossil fuels are no longer needed. As a result, the application of oil for the engines’ lubrication has become obsolete as well.

In the meantime, all nine fincas have been equipped with new electric water pumps, and the electrification of other processes is in planning. This is Baccota’s active contribution to climate protection – may it motivate others to rethink their operational procedures and be part of the change.

With this project they support the following SDGs: