Fair Trade at Your Fingertips in the Supermarket

Today more than ever, consumers are striving for well-being and a healthier lifestyle. As awareness grows, so does the interest in a fair and sustainable food supply chain. More and more consumers want to know where products come from and what impact their own purchasing decisions have on the environment and the lives of producers.

With their desire for transparency and sustainability, many consumers expect retailers and supermarkets to enable them to make responsible purchasing decisions. The Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize does exactly that. In 2020, the supermarket was the first food retailer to include our climate-neutral BE CLIMATE bananas in its range of products – since the beginning of this year they are even available as climate-neutral organic Fairtrade bananas. Thanks to this development, the concept of a sustainable and fair trade becomes actually tangible for the customers right there on the shelf.


In fair trade, only strictly controlled products reach the supermarket shelves – including our climate-neutral organic Fairtrade bananas. These are Fairtrade certified and grown and processed under ecological and socially just conditions. Therefore, consumers can rest assured that BE CLIMATE bananas are not only healthy and protect the climate but also support the fair working conditions of producers.

By offering our BE CLIMATE “super bananas” in Delhaize stores, the supermarket presents its customers with a simple and transparent way to contribute to a more climate-friendly and socially just world.

Fair Card

By selling climate-neutral organic Fairtrade bananas, food retailer Delhaize is making a significant contribution to the support of fair trade. 

Small farmers and producers have the security of a long-term trading relationship with humane working conditions and a regular and secure income. But fair trade is much more than just a Fairtrade minimum price. In addition to the retail price, farmers and workers are paid a Fairtrade premium which they can invest in projects of their choice.

Delhaize’s attitude and philosophy are in line with fair trade. The supermarket chain is committed to ensuring that all its partners and suppliers, too, act ethically, respect human rights and demonstrate social commitment. Delhaize is not only constantly striving to improve everybody’s shopping experience but also tries to inspire customers, employees and communities every day to make this world a better place. In our opinion, this deserves a Fair Card. We wish Delhaize lasting success in achieving fair and sustainable goals and look forward to continue working with them in the future.