Love bees and be loved back

Our bees must be protected, everyone agrees on that. You only have to think of honey, a delicious breakfast and beeswax candles to support this idea. But of course, we have to thank the bees for so much more than that!

Virtually nothing in nature works without the bees. They fly from flower to flower, collecting and transferring pollen along the way, and ensure the development of seeds and fruits – the nutrition base not only for many animals, but also for us. “Around 85% of agricultural yields in German plant and fruit cultivation depend on pollination by honeybees,” writes the German Beekeepers’ Association. [1]

So we should thank the bees not only for honey and fragrant candles, but also for a big part of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Without bees, humanity would be in a bad place – and our company that trades in these products as well.

It is therefore quite alarming that almost half of the more than 560 species of wild bees in Germany are threatened with extinction. [2]

Climate change is a major cause for this. Changing precipitation patterns and flowering times, rising temperatures and extreme weather events reduce the food supply for bees and affect the development of bee colonies.

So it’s high time to do something to save our little furry friends! And fortunately, this can be done very easily with small, simple projects:

1. Shop for Bees

Bee-friendly shopping. Above all, honey should be bought directly from local beekeepers!

2. Bee my Guest If you have a garden, you can offer wild bees and honey bees a habitat and food by providing plenty of variety and different types of plants. It is even easier to open a bug hotel – all you need is a balcony and these instructions. Especially with children, building and watching the first guests move in is a lot of fun!

3. Plant for Bees

Create bee oases. With a wildflower meadow in the park or along the roadside, you can create small retreats for bees without much effort. Not only the bees will be happy about the splashes of colour in the city, but also the residents and passers-by.

4. Be a Bee Buddy Greenpeace, WWF, the German Beekeepers’ Association and many other organizations have now launched appeals and projects to protect bees. Those who want to do even more can help with a donation or even take on sponsorships for bees. Our company has had a sponsorship with BeeSharing for honey and wild bees since 2018. Together, the busy little bees produce 25 kg of honey annually.

It’s easy to be a real Bee Buddy. Just try it.  How about a small project for World Bee Day on May 20? With a bit of luck, your balcony will soon be buzzing and humming!