More plants, more happiness – for you and the planet

Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on your balcony on a beautiful, warm summer day, tasting the first sun-ripened tomato from your own harvest. If this daydream makes you want to turn your balcony into a vegetable garden, you don't need to read any further. That’s all this article wants to achieve. If, on the other hand, you would like to hear a few more arguments for making the planet a little greener, here are they:

1. It’s easy! Plants grow more or less by themselves. All they need is a little sun, water and space. Which is often the biggest challenge in the city. If you don’t have your own garden or balcony, you can adopt a tree pit, rent a prepared garden or join one of the many urban gardening projects to plant and harvest together with others. And if there is no other option, you can always start with a potted plant on your windowsill.

2. It’s something for everyone! A wide variety of plants grow on the balcony. Lavender, for example, is easy to care for, tolerates heat well and keeps mosquitoes away with its scent. Thyme, rosemary and sage can later be used in the kitchen. And if you like buzzing and humming on your balcony, you can attract bees and bumblebees with wildflower mixes, clover, marigolds and nasturtiums.

3. It’s cool! In the city, it can get really hot in the summer. In the woods, it doesn’t. That’s because trees and other plants provide shade and evaporate water they have absorbed through their roots. This process is called evaporative cooling. Because of it, green oases in the city are not only beautiful, they also cool down the environment.

4. It’s good for the climate! Let’s face it: the little strawberry bush on the balcony won’t save the climate by itself. Nevertheless, a family of three can reduce their CO2 footprint by 150 kg and save €974 per year by growing their own food in the garden. [1] And an 80-year-old beech tree binds as much carbon as is contained in one ton of CO2 . [2] So planting lots of trees (or, more importantly, preventing the cutting down of old trees) does make a difference. And permanently green roofs can also filter pollutants and CO2 from the air!

5. It costs (almost) nothing! A flower pot (which you can easily make yourself by upcycling old tin cans or plastic bottles), some potting soil and a few seeds are all you need to start gardening. If you choose low-maintenance plants at the beginning, you can hardly go wrong. When you start thinking about long-term  acquisitions such as a new house tree, you might want to consult an expert. One thing, however, is sure: There is the right plant for almost every location!

6. Together it’s even more fun! If you don’t want to work alone, why not do it in a group? For example, there are various providers who allow you to donate trees and plant them. We ourselves are planning a tree planting campaign with all our employees!

What do you think – did these great tips make you want to try your hand at being a Green Queen (or Green King)? Then get started right away. We wish you lots of fun and a delicious harvest!