Plant-based food: More flavor, less CO2

Yummy, yummy and yummy! Those are the three most important reasons for a balanced plant-based diet. And that's not just because there are so many great vegan recipes out there.

Scientific research has shown: When you cut out junk food and foods with animal products for just a few weeks, you get a whole new taste experience. Your tongue is no longer bombarded with salt, fat and sugar every day, and as a result, the sensitivity of your taste buds gradually improves. [1] As crazy as it sounds, you simply taste better when you eat a vegan diet!

There are, of course, other compelling arguments for a healthy, plant-based diet. When you eat consciously, you not only live longer, you also look better and feel better. Scientists have even observed an improvement in digestion, sleep and blood values. [2] And, of course, you’re saving the planet. Livestock emits more greenhouse gases worldwide than transportation. [3] There are 1 billion cows, for example, which release the extremely climate-damaging methane during digestion.

And the climate balance deteriorates even further if the cows are fed soy for which valuable rainforest has been cut down. After all, about 80 % of European soy imports are used as animal feed for the meat industry. [4]

All of this can easily be avoided if you eat a (predominantly) plant-based diet. You only need one thing: a certain appetite for culinary adventures. If you’re not too much of a creature of habit when it comes to food, you’ll find vegan recipes in no time that simply make you want more. You can just begin somewhere and then follow the good taste. A good time to start is right now, because January is Veganuary! [5] Catchy, isn’t it?