Vegan Pumpkin Pasta

True to the motto: "Catchy Veggie", we have prepared a delicious vegan recipe for you.

* Calculated with KlimaTeller. These are approximate values, which may vary. The values refer only to the ingredients, not to the method of preparation.
** Because we offset the CO2 emissions of our BE CLIMATE products your consumption does not add to your personal carbon footprint.

1. Cut the pumpkin, carrots, onions, and garlic into small pieces and fry them in oil.

2. Put the lentil noodles in boiling water and let them simmer until they are cooked through.

3. When the vegetable mix is well browned, add the oat cream and stir it in well. If necessary, you can also add a little bit of the pasta water to give the sauce a good consistency.

4. Roast the pine nuts briefly in a pan without oil and use them as a topping for the pasta.

5. Finally, fillet the BE CLIMATE clementines and arrange them on your plate.

Tadaa…you have conjured up a simple, quick and above all CO2-saving dish.