Vitamin C – your booster for a healthy body

Vitamin C is probably the best-known vitamin of them all. Nowadays, it is not only found in various foods, teas, and dietary supplements such as tablets, but also in cosmetics and care products such as serums.

But what exactly is vitamin C and what is it good for?

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid and cannot be produced by the human body. We absorb it exclusively from the outside, e.g., through our food. Among other things, it helps to strengthen the immune system, stimulates digestion, lipometabolism and metabolism, and builds up connective tissue in hair, teeth and nails.[1]

According to the German Nutrition Society, women should consume up to 95 mg and men up to 110 mg of vitamin C per day.[2]

The following factors are, among others, responsible for a quicker loss of vitamin C in your body:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Medication, such as Aspirin
  • Chronic illnesses

People with a pronounced lack of vitamin C are often tired or exhausted, have bleedings in the skin, muscles and gums, suffer from a wound healing disorder, experience joint pain, and are more prone to infections.[3]

To be able to prevent such an extreme deficiency, 10 mg of vitamin C a day is recommended and enough.

So, what are good sources of vitamin C?

The best sources of vitamin C are vegetables (e. g. red peppers, cabbage, spinach, etc.) and fruit (e. g. sea buckthorn kiwis, oranges, lemons, etc.).

It should be noted that vitamin C is heat-sensitive and water-soluble. It is therefore recommended to wash the vegetables and fruits completely, but briefly, and to eat them raw.

If you steam or boil vegetables, you can use the cooking water in a sauce or soup afterwards to avoid the waste of vitamins.

This is how much vitamin C our BE CLIMATE products contain

*Vitamin C level (mg) of BE CLIMATE products per 100 grams

As you can see, by eating just a little bit of fruit & vegetables a day, you can already reduce your risk of vitamin C deficiency.

So, the bottom line is: BE HEALTHY – BE CLIMATE.