Getting down to earth

Our partner Ingleby Farms not only supplies us with our fruity BE CLIMATE blueberries. They are also involved in various climate protection projects.

In addition to a forest protection project as well as measures for the protection of species and sustainable irrigation, they also take care of the preservation of a healthy soil on which, among others, some of our berries are grown.[1]

Why is healthy soil so important?

The soil on which the fruits grow and are later harvested forms the basis for a rich and varied crop and is therefore a crucial production factor in agriculture.[2]

It is the soil that supplies the plants with water and nutrients, which are essential for the growth and quality of the fruit.[3] A healthy and active soil produces richer and more resilient crops, can absorb water better, and prevent erosion. In addition, a healthy soil can store a greater amount of nutrients, absorb more carbon, and sustain biodiversity.

However, we are increasingly losing top soil around the world. The main causes for this are the conventional cultivation methods of intensive agriculture aimed in particular at maximizing yields. The increasing proportion of monocultures and the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers place an additional burden on the soil. Their deposits are potential hazards for life both on land and in the water. Other threats include loss of biodiversity and changes in land-use and forest clearing.

Ingleby Farms’ project: Spot spraying

This is exactly where Ingleby Farms is setting an example. They aim at stopping the use of synthetic pesticides by 2030 and, as of today, have already been able to reduce their pesticides by 23%.[4] But how did they manage that? It’s quite simple – with regenerative farming methods and the use of new technologies.

For example, they test a spot spraying technique that uses a special camera system and only sprays the respective weed, not the whole crop or the entire agricultural area. By doing so, they reduce the use of crop protection products.

With the help of this – and other developing technological changes, Ingleby Farms aims to reduce the use of herbicides by 70-90% over the next few years and makes a significant contribution to sustainable and responsible agricultural practices. Furthermore, they are also promoting their best workers underground – the earthworms. Find out why earthworms are so important to our planet in our blog post, “Earth’s Miracle Animals”.

Ingleby’s efforts support the following SDGs: