Every ‘Sun Day’ Recharges Our Batteries

The sun – the centre of our solar system and the source of all life. The sun is the driving force behind the plants’ metabolism that creates the basis of life for all living creatures, it controls the climate and also has a positive effect on our emotional state. But above all, it is a gigantic fusion reactor with a life span of approximately 10 billion years, only half of which has elapsed so far.

Solar energy is one of the biggest and most reliable energy sources on our planet whose usage and storage becomes more and more economical. In contrast to fossil energy sources such as coal or oil, solar energy is infinite, emission-free and a more environmentally-friendly alternative of power generation. The sun emits energy in the form of radiation into the surrounding space. Only a small part of it actually reaches the earth, equalling on average 1,340 watt per square meter per year.

So how can you use this climate-friendly energy for your own company? Our logistics partner Fresh Warehousing in Belgium, who stores more than 1.8 million boxes of bananas for us over the year, asked this very same question. After an intensive research and planning phase, they installed the first solar panels in 2019. Today, these panels cover more than two-thirds of the company’s roofs.

With their solar panels, Fresh Warehousing generates a capacity of up to 235 kilowatt in peak times, which equals a solar output of approximately 235,000 kWh. This is enough to cover most of the company’s energy demand and in one year, can save up to 100 tons of CO₂ and 40-50 % of power costs.

Two years later one thing is clear: Every sun day recharges not only the human batteries, but also the company’s – and by doing so keeps everything running.

The solar project by Fresh Warehousing supports the following SDGs: